Saturday, June 25, 2011

Poem Inspired By Star Wars

"I still believe there's good in him..."
- Padme Amidala

This is a poem that I was inspired to write from Padme's point of view, and what she might have been feeling and thinking when Anakin turned to the Dark Side. Sad, I know, but I hope you like it. :)

After all we've been through,
How could this be the end?

Where did we go wrong?
What did I miss?
Don't Go, Ani.

All those days we spent together,
Laughing, Smiling,
Seem like nothing more than a daydream.
Don't Go, Ani.

How could I be so blind?
Why didn't I see this coming?
I couldn't see what was right before my eyes.
Don't Go, Ani.

You gave me a world of happiness only to snatch it away.
You've taken away the husband I once knew,
Will you take our children too?
Don't Go, Ani.

Come back to me, Anakin.
Come back to the light.
Let go of your anger and give up this fight.
Don't Go, Ani.

There is still hope,
There is still time.
Don't give in to all the hurt and lies.
Though you are consumed by darkness,
I still believe there's good inside.
Don't Go, Ani......

- Bookworm

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Playlist Tag From Talia's Blog

This is a cool tag I got from Girlz of God, Talia's blog. I tried to choose songs that were mostly upbeat and fast....hope you enjoy! :)

1. Kung Fu Fighting by Cee-Lo Green and Jack Black
2. Turkish Delight by David Crowder Band
3. No Good To Be Alone by Brandon Heath
4. Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble
5. Magic by Selena Gomez
6. Mulan music! (I'm with Talia on this one!)
7. Tangled music! ; )
8. To The Sky by Owl City
9. Fireflies by Owl City
10. Footloose by Pure NRG

Of course that's not all on my playlist, but here's a few. Has anyone seen Kung Fu Panda 2 yet?
It's a great movie! The only thing I didn't like was the "inner peace" stuff, but it was really action packed and the cast is awesome. Sorry for my delay in posting, but I will try to do better!

We Are Never Alone,