Sunday, May 8, 2011

Inspring Quotes and New Blogging Series

I really love that quote, and the picture is lovely. When life gets hard, we need to hold on to God and learn to praise Him, in rain or in shine.....

OMG, I just HAD to add this one! It gives me chills just looking at it.

No matter how big of a mistake you make, always know that God loves you and is willing to forgive you and help you through it.

This is my life verse, and probably one of the only things that got me through that dark time at the hospital. And of course, it has a rainbow for the picture. Awesome, right?

Ah, another Narnia pic and quote by the amazing C.S. Lewis. Very inspiring indeed. Sorry you can't see it all to well.....I'll have to work on that.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you girls that I am starting a new blogging series soon all about accepting yourself, and learning to yourself through God's eyes. He made you beautiful, you know! If you don't know that yet or are still struggling with it as most girls do, hopefully you will gain some new perspective and encouragement through the upcoming posts. Feel free to open up and share your thoughts and trials related to that topic. We are all here to support you! :)

Never Alone,

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  1. Those are some great and inspiring quotes.Looking forward to it!I did something like that on my blog Mission Beautiful just today.Kind of any way.Sierra Keep Growing beautiful♥


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