Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camp/Other INFO You Should Know

Let me just say that I had an AMAZING time at Super Summer Camps! It was totally the most incredible experience of my life. I meant so many new friends who strengthened my faith, got closer to my friends from church, and just felt really connected to God. I watched so many friends re-dedicate their lives to God, and it was wonderful putting my arms around them and praying and singing with them. Worship was the best part though. To sum it up all in one sentence: You have GOT to come to this camp next year!! Google it right now!! I have never felt this close to God since I was in the hospital, maybe even a little more so.

Anyway, you probably noticed that I changed my blog from Catching Rainbows to Inside Out. It was inspired by my new favorite song, Inside Out by Kristian Stanfill. I haven't posted about God much in a while, so I want to try to focus more on that. Also, I will be off of the blogosphere for a week or so. I have been spending way too much time online and it kinda pulling my away from God. If you feel the same way I would encourage you to do the same. You CAN do it! You can!

So long for now, and remember that God will NEVER leave you and is there EVEN in the hard times. :)

We Are Never Alone,

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  1. Bookworm,

    This is Sarah from Meditations of His Love. I see you like Star Wars. I thought you might like to know that I wrote a Sci-Fi book, because I just fell in love with the genre after watching Star Wars Episode 4. It is called The Destiny of One (

    I had so much writing a faith building Sci-Fi book.

    Have a great day,

    Sarah H.


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