Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disney Princess Tag!!

I got this idea tag from Jedi-Chick's blog, so I hope you enjoy! It took me like an hour to find all the pictures! XD

Day One: Favorite Movie
I'm going to have to say Tangled! It was funny, romantic, and not too scary. My whole family really enjoyed it. It is by far one of the best movies Disney has made in a while!

Day Two: Favorite Princess
That's an easy one! BELLE! I grew up loving the movie, and I still love it today! This week I was in a mini Beauty and the Beast skit, and I was Belle. ; D

Day Three: Favorite Prince
Hmm..I'm gonna have to go with Prince Eric. ; )

Day Four: Favorite Song
Eeep, this is a hard one! Um, Part Of Your World?

Day Five: Favorite Kiss
Flynn and Rapunzel!!

Day Six: Prettiest Princess
Either Mulan or Belle. IDK!

Day Seven: Favorite Castle
I love Belle's library, but what can I say? Cinderella's castle wins hands down!
Day Eight: Saddest Moment
I always get tears in my eyes when Belle comes home to find the Beast nearly dead! I like how she learns to see him on the inside rather than the outside. It's a lesson we all need!

Day Nine: Favorite Couple
Eric and Ariel! There's just something about them..

Day Ten: Best Hair
Rapunzel totally has the best hair!! It's so pretty! Not to mention it's 70 ft. long and as magical powers! : )

Day Eleven: Favorite Animal Sidekick
I love Flounder! He's so adorable! ; D

Day Twelve: Favorite Non-Animal Sidekick
I think Lumiere is pretty funny! The guy who played him in the skit I was in this week was hilarious!

Day Thirteen: Oufit
Love Cinderella's sparkly blue dress!

Day Fourteen: Favorite Villain
I think Mother G. was a great villain! And a bit of a diva... but a great villain! At times it almost seemed like she loved Rapunzel, but then the next minute you just hate her!

Day Fifteen: Most Romantic Moment
The scene for I See The Light was really good....;)

Day Sixteen: Best Singing Voice
They all have great voices, but I have to say Ariel!

Day Seventeen: Best Eyes
Rapunzel's eyes are just so big and pretty! In a way they remind me of Ariel's for some reason.

Day Eighteen: Favorite Name
You don't meet a girl everyday who's named Rapunzel! ;)

Day Nineteen: Best Soundtrack
Either Mulan, Tangled, or Beauty and the Beast. They're all so good!!

Day Twenty: Favorite Funny Moment
There are quite a few funny moments in Mulan thanks to Mushu! XD

Day Twenty-One: Favorite Quote
I have many favorite quotes, but this one is really sweet...;)

Day Twenty-Two: Bravest Princess
I've always though Belle was the bravest. She left her home and everything she had ever known to save her father!

Day Twenty-Three: Favorite Dance Scene
When Flynn and Rapunzel dance!!

Day Twenty-Four: Best Parents
Well, Rapunzel's parents are pretty cool, and I love it when they are reunited with their daughter.

Day Twenty-Five: Favorite Lyrics
I really like that song that the Mulan sings at the beginning of the movie before she decided to take her father's place in the war. I forgot the name. I think it's called My Reflection, Who I Am Inside, I don't know!...XD

Day Twenty-Six: Most Magical Moment
The transformation at the end of Beauty and the Beast! That was pretty magical..

Day Twenty-Seven: Best Wardrobe
BELLE! She does, after all, have a TALKING wardrobe! ;)

Day Twenty-Eight: Favorite Sequel
I have always liked The Little Mermaid 2. It came out when I was about 5 and I really enjoyed it!

Day Twenty-Nine: Best Overall Moment
It is really beautiful when Belle and the Beast dance. Out of all the "moments" in the Disney Princess movies, this one is the most lovely of all.

Day Thirty: Favorite Happy Ending
I can't pick! They all have wonderful happy endings! I think all our dreams can come true if that is what God wants for us, and if we are willing to work for it. Remember that you are God's Princess! :)

We Are Never Alone,


  1. Great post!!!!!! :D I'm glad you did the tag too. ;) I love all the pictures!!!!! Awesome job! <33

  2. I have seen most of these movies and love them. Tangled is one of my favorites

  3. Love this post!great pictures.I love Belle and Rapunzel best I think.Beauty & The Beast's ending is my top favorite part ever.And Tangled is the funniest.Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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