Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Mexico Mission Trip!

Last week our church went to do some work at Aspendale, a Christian camp in the mountains of Cloudcroft, NM. It's beautiful there, and I had so much fun! I don't usually like being outdoors, but it was really good to just get away for a week and serve God with my family. 

(Me and my sister at the front sign. I'm in the black jacket.)

During our trip we also got the chance to go to White Sands, a desert and National Park that is only thirty minutes away from Cloudcroft. It was pretty cool sliding down the sand dunes! I have to admit that at first I didn't want to go to White Sands because I thought it would be really hot and boring, but that wasn't the case! The weather was actually nice and I enjoyed it.

(My family and I with some friends of ours.)

On our last night at Aspendale we had a bonfire, which was a great way to end the week. We had a good time talking and roasting marshmallows. James and Jacob, two of the staff workers that I've been helping almost everyday, showed us the new swords that they just bought. And yes, they are actual swords. I've got no idea what they'll do with them...
(This is James. He's always talking in an accent or singing a song or trying to make you laugh. So yeah, he's kinda crazy. :) 
And so is Jacob...)

(Me, holding a sword.)

(Finally, this is most of our church group before we left the camp. I'm in the pink shirt on the right.)

I'm so thankful that God allowed my family and I to go on this trip. All the work we did at Aspendale is for Him, and I pray that it would somehow further His Kingdom. Hopefully we'll go again next year!

The Love Of Christ,

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