Friday, April 1, 2011

Brandon Heath Concert!

Last night I got to go to a Brandon Heath concert with my cousins! It was my first concert, but I had a great time! My Uncle knows one of the players in Brandon's band, so we were thankful to get free tickets. Dave Barnes, who is also a singer and comedian was there too! I'll have to post one of his videos sometime. He is a great singer and so funny! : )

At the concert Brandon also talked about an organization called Food For The Hungry which helps children in Africa. I knew I wanted to do something to help too, so my family decided to sponsor a child named Fiona. I cant wait to start sending her letters!! : )

We Are Never Alone,

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  1. I went to a Brandon Heath concert, too, and it was awesome! So glad you got to go :) (and liked it!) That is SO cool about Fiona! Will be praying for her!


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