Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I believe....

I believe that.......

Once you have Jesus in your heart, you are beautiful no matter what.

That people still care about each other. It we all work together, we can start a chain reaction of kindness.

That Narnia is real.

That rainbows are a sign of God. He really does preform miracles. Without Him, I wouldn't be alive today.

That every baby deserves a chance to live. It doesn't matter if they are small. They are still a precious, innocent gift from God!

We Are Never Alone,

P.S. Just thought I'd tell you girls how beautiful you all are! Remember, 'don't doubt your value!'


  1. I believe all those too! Particularly the Jesus and Narnia ones. And what a sweet P.S. <3

    I love that quote on the side from Dawn Treader. That part spoke to me a lot.

  2. Brilliant post. Couldn't agree with you more! And of course, Narnia is real! :)


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