Sunday, April 3, 2011

Will You Accept Rachel's Challenge?

Recently I read a book titled "Rachel's Tears." It is a truly an incredible real-life story about a girl who lost her life to the 1999 Columbine High School Shootings.

17-year old Rachel Joy Scott was a teen with many aspirations and dreams. She enjoyed writing and also had a passion for acting. But the thing I think really made Rachel stand out was her deep love for God. She didn't just read her Bible, go to church, and run through the motions. She actually walked her talk. At school she was always the first to befriend the new kid. She would be the one stand up for the disabled teens, and the outcasts that no one wanted to associate with.

Let me just ask this: How many times do we actually go out of our way to help someone? When you go to school, do you ever stop to look for people to reach out to? Do you look for kids who seem lonely? Do you stand up for kids who are being picked on? Think about that.

Rachel also wrote a good deal about her spiritual life in her journals. She would pour out her heart to God, write poems, songs, and draw many pictures. Some people have even compared her writings to those of Anne Frank! You can view experts of her journals by googling Rachel Joy

Sadly, Rachel lost her life on April 20, 1999, due to the violent Columbine Shootings. Rachel chose to eat lunch with a friend on the school yard that day. All of a sudden, two teenage boys came up to her and shot her in the the legs twice, including her torso. She attempted to crawl to safety, but one of the boys picked her up by the hair and asked, "Do you believe in God?"

Rachel responded, "You know I do."

"Then go be with Him," replied the shooter, gunning Rachel in the head. In that instant, Rachel Joy Scott left this life and went Home. That's how much she loved Jesus.

At Rachel's funeral, Pastor Bruce porter issued a challenge to young people everywhere:
Rachel carried a torch, the torch of truth, the torch of compassion, the torch of the good news of Jesus Christ, her Savior and Lord, who she was not ashamed of even in her hour of death.

I want to lay a challenge before each and every one of you young people here today. The torch has fallen from Rachel's hand. Who will pick it up again? Who will pick up the torch again?

Will You accept Rachel's challenge?
We Are Never Alone,

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  1. Bookworm, I have read about the Columbine Shooting (and Rachel) before, and let me tell you....that is quite a sad story. But the fact that it is sad does not take from the fact that Rachel remained faithful to Jesus even during immensively difficult trials. Such an inspiring story. ♥


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